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At GW Management LLC, we take pride in joining forces with you to become your consultant to interface with your insurance company and subcontractors. As a consulting and estimating service provider, we will fully assist you with the documentation and mitigation of your insurance claims. When you work with us, you are considered to be a general contractor. When you take the role of the general contractor, under our program you can receive 10 to 15% of the net that is left after the restoration process is completed.

Services We Provide

Step 1
Free storm damage assessment of your property

Step 2
Meet with your insurance adjust

Step 3
Prepare an estimate for the optimum cost of completing the scope of the work

Step 4
Estimate and file for any additional damages missed by your insurance company

Step 5
Complete vetting of subcontractors reputation and credibility:  insurance and licenses

Step 6
Negotiate contracts between you and your subcontractor

Step 7
Insure that all permits required by your municipality are secured

Step 8
Monitor and take pictures of all work so you are totally informed about the work being done

Step 9
Help our clients receive funds back from the bank or mortgage holder in a more timely fashion

Step 10

Make sure that all lien waivers are all collected for material and labor

Building Destroyed During The Storm

Consult Our Storm Damage Experts

Under our program most property owners completely dispose of their deductible (when it is average 500 to 1500) when they use the 10 to 15% of the net profit that they earn from the restoration of their property. One of the biggest advantages of choosing GW Management LLC is more often than not you will not have to spend one dime from your savings or capital reserves.

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