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Our Philosophy

A. Our philosophy at GW Management is simple, we believe that no one ever prays for a natural disaster, tornado, hail, etc.; these things just happen.  We also believe that no one should have to go into their savings or reserves to pay for repairs.  We also believe that with our services, our clients may never have to go into their savings, and that they should share in the profits.  

B. The biggest advantage of using GW Management is we help you become your own general contractor, thus making you entitled to share in the profits just like any other general contractor, and that share of the money you have earned can be used to reduce your deductible or put in your pocket.  When all is done, most of our clients clear between 10 to 15% of the net profit of the project.

C. At GW Management LLC, we take pride in joining forces with you as a general contractor.  We interface with your insurance company and subcontractors.  As a consulting and estimating service provider, we will fully assist you with the documentation and the complete repair of your insurance claims.  When you take the role of the general contractor, you are entitled to a share (10-15% of the net) of the profit that is left after the restoration process is complete. 

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Advantages of Choosing Us

• No Down Payment

• Profit sharing

• Timely Completion of Projects

• Never Pay Before Services Have Been Rendered

• 100% Assurance, Labor and Material Has Been Paid

• Customer Has Complete Control of All Funds During the Construction

We are a Consulting and Estimating Service Company

GW Management LLC in Homewood, IL is a professional damage consulting and estimating service company that has been serving homeowners and property managers throughout the State of Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri for more than 6 years. We are committed to helping you take charge of your storm damage restoration projects. From meeting with your insurance adjuster to creating a clear-cut damage estimate for your insurance claims, you can rely on our experts to help. Choose us as your consultant and rest assured that we will help you legally save on your deductible and share in the profit

Restoration Projects We Consult & Estimate:

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Call Our Consulting Service Company

Learn more about the consulting and estimating services we provide by calling the phone number listed on this website. Our friendly staff always ready to assist you. If you wish to discuss your concerns personally, your kitchen counter, dining room table or office will be the perfect place to meet. All our services will take place without you ever needing to leave your home or office. Our consultants at this time have over 100 years of residential and commercial building and restoration experience and are available Monday-Friday 8 AM- 8PM, and Saturday 8AM-4PM.

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